Lawn Care

Treating Broadleaf Weeds Broadleaf weeds are the bane of lawn lovers. Dandelions, clover, dollarweed, and others invade quickly and spread relentlessly. The right time: Treat actively growing weeds; apply granular products on a dewy morning. Why timing matters: Used properly, broadleaf weed killers are highly effective, but few pest controls fail as readily when conditions […]

5 Steps to Stress Free Amazing Landscaping.

Step 1 – Contact Leatham landscaping: Submit a simple online form or call (208) 888-7147 for a free estimate. Step 2 – Free Estimate: A licenced Leatham Landscape project manager will discuss your needs and desires with you on site to determine the scope of your project. Once we have a clear understanding, a free […]

Watering efficiently

A healthy lawn makes a very good filter for absorbing many things that can be washed into our streams. The ideal lawn is one that will grow best in your environment without lots of supplemental watering. We have all probably read about people living in desert areas in the country trying to grow lawns that […]