Stone, Wood & Deck Solutions
Leatham Landscapes Boise, ID

Paver, Flagstone & Concrete Paths and Patios

Stairs and pathways if designed correctly can enhance your experience within your landscape and provide an artistic journey connecting patios and places of interest. Stairs and paths can be installed with many different methods and materials both adding interest and functionality to your landscape. Materials used for these segways between outdoor living spaces can be brick pavers, flagstone, stripstone, stamped concrete, large rock slabs, or a combination. Bands and borders can further add interest to paths and steps.

Landscape Construction

Wood structures can be many things: decks, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, trellis, bridges, gates, entryways, or fences and have a variety of purposes. An arbor may be installed to create a sun break for the hot days here in Idaho, or a custom gateway to invite passers through into the next portion of the landscape. We have built entire stand alone structures that are buildings in themselves adding true retreats to the landscape. Most wood structures have more than one purpose. Sun break, wind break, sense of enclosure, sense of passageway, screening, and light mounting are some good examples of what wood structures can bring the landscape.